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Asheville, fondly called San Francisco of the South, where some 68,900 people reside, provides a great environment to live and work in. The areas around Asheville and the city itself have large and vibrant business communities that provide many jobs for local residents. You'll probably recognize the names of many of the companies and organizations that have selected Asheville as a good place to do business. Many local government agencies as well as these private sector organizations are looking currently for new employees, and predict continued employment growth. Qualified job-seekers will find quite a few jobs available. The following paragraphs provide quite a bit of information about salaries and job opportunities in the greater Asheville metropolitan area. If you have questions concerning what you could be earning, or about job opportunities here in the Asheville area, we hope you find the following information helpful.

What do jobs pay in Asheville? What are some of the jobs which have the highest salaries?

If you're new in the job market, or thinking about moving, you are likely curious about how salaries compare. Having this kind of information is an important factor in deciding if moving to Asheville or changing jobs is the right move for you. Or it may be helpful to know what professions offer the best potential for higher earnings in Asheville. Salary data can be found on a Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) website database. We've pulled some sample data for the year 2008, from BLS wage survey data. The annual income in Asheville was about $39,929 on average. Individuals in managerial positions in Asheville report annual earnings of $87,930. If you’re not looking for a managerial position, here is a sample of some of the good paying jobs this area has to offer, with over 2,000 people employed in each type of job shown.

Job Title Average Annual Income for JobSalary Range for Job
10th – 90th percentile
Registered nurses$57,910$41,850 - $74,410
First-line supervisors/managers of retail sales workers$37,410$21,310 - $56,520
Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks$32,330$22,520 - $43,600
Secretaries, except legal, medical, and executive$28,860$20,360 - $38,610
Customer service representatives$28,010$18,710 - $40,760
Team assemblers$27,110$18,510 - $41,810

Are there going to be more jobs in this career field in the future? Which professions will have the most job openings in the near future?

You're probably interested to learn not only what average salaries are, but like most people, that jobs will continue to be available to you in this profession. You want to know if there are any companies that might be expanding and increasing their interest in the local area. Fortunately, this data has been compiled for you, and it is simple and easy to get on-line. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has a database on its website that has a wealth of information about all of these topics. In the greater Asheville metropolitan area, here are a sample of jobs that have the most growth potential over the next few years:

  • Home health aides
  • Occupational and physical therapist assistants and aides
  • Life scientists
  • Veterinary technologists and technicians
  • Paralegals and legal assistants
  • Prosthodontists
  • Environmental science and protection technicians, including health

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If you didn't see the career field or job you are interested in, the BLS employment database can provide that information:

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Need more training or want to learn about getting a degree?

Out of all the people who live in Asheville, just 27.0% have a B.S. or B.A degree, and those who hold a Master's degree are just 10.3% of the population. You want to know if there are any companies that might be expanding and increasing their interest in the local area. Affordable, flexible programs are offered by many schools to continue your profession education, or to earn a new degree, which will give you an advantage and many more job opportunities. Join the many people that are going back to school, and a better job at higher pay can be yours. To learn more, CLICK on the link below: Online Schools in North Carolina