Boston Videos

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Although there are countless pictures showing the sheer beauty and majesty of the wonderful city of Boston, videos add to the elegance and grace of this timeless American city. The city’s communities and neighborhoods are exceedingly diverse and differ from one another dramatically, giving the impression of a multitude of different cities. By taking a look at the videos, one does not just see a city frozen in time, but one that is very much alive. In the video clips, one can clearly see the city’s skyscrapers piercing the clouds and the leisure boats cruising down the cool Charles River. 
The city is ranked among the top ten tourist destination in United States. Among the most visited tourist destinations is the Faneuil Hall Marketplace, which is visited by more than 20 million visitors. Other popular tourist destinations are the Norht Market, Quincy Market and South market, which are situated in quaint cobblestone promenade areas.