Boston Events

Irrespective of the time of the year, Boston is always a busy and exciting city as there are numerous events going on simultaneously in the city. This can come in form of a celebration, festival or a concert. You can feel the energy in the air and as a resident or tourist you cannot miss being part of these events. The population of the city doubles when any event is being held, making the city livelier. 

After so much hype, it is only imperative that one mentions some of these events. One of the most sought after events is the annual Boston Arts Festival, held at the Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park, this is one of the most enjoyable events in the country. As if that is not enough, there is also an outstanding concert named as the “Boston Pops” and is held on the banks of the Charles. The Fourth of July is also another time when the city comes alive for the independence day celebrations.

Some of the annual events include:

  • Boston Arts Festival, which is held at the equally tantalizing Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park.
  • 'Boston Pops' is an outstanding concert and is held on the banks of the Charles - a very romantic atmosphere.
  • The city also comes alive on The Fourth of July.