Riverside Schools

There are two school districts in Riverside. The Riverside Unified School District serves the Eastern part of Riverside while the Alvord Unified School District takes care of the Western side of the city. Each of these districts includes at least 5 to 6 schools each including the Martin Luther King High School, Ramona High School, Riverside Polytechnic School and the Norte Vista High School.

There is also a school for the deaf ( California School for the Deaf) and a special school for Native American tribal members (Sherman Indian High School). These schools are notable and are doing a great deal of service to the society by contributing to a section that is sometimes neglected.

There are also some private secondary schools in the city. Each of these is run extremely professionally and can compete with the public schools at any given point in time. Some of the noted private schools include Notre Dame high School and Woodcrest Christian High School.

Riverside School Resources