Riverside Major Streets and Roadways

A great thing about the streets in Riverside is that they are well maintained and clean. The city street service ensures that all repairs and gutters are installed properly, potholes and asphalt rehabilitation takes place, traffic control signs are put in place properly, graffiti is removed from time to time and this department even takes care of vector control.

The Riverside Freeway is probably the largest road in the city. It connects to the San Bernardino Freeway further north. The Pomona Freeway (that later becomes the Moreno Valley Freeway) cuts across the Riverside Freeway at a major junction. The Temecula Valley Freeway cuts across the Riverside Freeway on the western side. The Mission Inn, Rubidoux Blvd, Market Street, Orange Street, 14th Street, University Avenue are some of the main streets of the city.

The El Sobrante Road circles Lake Mathews on one side and the Cajalco Road on the other. Some of the other streets that branch out from the freeway include McKinley Street, Pierce Street, Tyler Street, Jackson Street, Monroe Street, Jefferson Street, Madison Street, Maude Street and 14th and 3rd Street. The Center Street and Barton Road off the Riverside Freeway take you to Cooley Ranch. The Santa Ana River Park can be accessed easily from Jurupa Avenue.

Major Freeways, Highways, and Streets

  • I-15 - Traverses W side of city N to S
  • I-10 - Traverses N end of city from W to E
  • I-215 - Branches from city center to SE
  • 60 - Traverses city from W to E