Springfield MO Suburban Lifestyle

Many people prefer to escape the noise of city life to reside in suburban life. Springfield MO offers some great suburban residences.


Springfield MO suburban communities are an escape from urban life. Some neighborhoods are close to city features. Others are a significant distance away, creating isolation from the city buzz.

Neighborhood amenities vary. Some communities have parks, pools, proximity to golf courses, water features, etc. They also range in age. Some are classic, some are older and more affordable and others are new and modern. There are options to fit nearly any taste, budget and need.

Home Types

Springfield MO suburban homes range in style, size, age, and features. Home types include single family with yard space, single family without yard space, condos, rentals, luxury, etc.

They range in price and function. A resident can find any type of real estate needed.


Suburban lifestyle tends to be more peaceful and calm than urban city life. Springfield MO suburbs often fit the profile. Families, couples, and singles can usually find a housing option that works. Many communities target a certain demographic. Some go after families while others go after singles. Some target highend buyers and others go after starters. Springfield MO has a community and home type for you.


Springfield MO communities often attract certain types of people. Singles can mingle with other singles. Families can get to know great neighbors. Some enjoy the nightlife and others enjoy sporting activities and other events.

Springfield MO suburban living is very attractive to many, especially those who want to escape busy city life.


Springfield, Missouri

Kristen/Kevin Lambert - Nov 25, 2014 10:32 PM EDT

I once wanted to move to Springfield, Illinois, as I like the scene of Chicago and of Springfield, IL. Now, I want to live and reside in Springfield, Missouri. It is just so pleasant and everything! I hope wherever my husband's job calls him, I hope that the CITY (because I like/love the city life), fits our every desire.


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