Millsaps Training Facility Attracting Riders From All Over Globe

Quietly nestled near the small town of Cairo (pronounced KAY-row) in southern Georgia, Millsaps Training Facility (MTF) is a place where the aspiring motocross racers' dreams of stardom are realized. The name of the facility should be familiar to riders and others associated with the sport. MTF is owned and operated by Connie Millsaps, the mother of Rockstar Energy Suzuki team member and 2006 Lites East Supercross champion Davi Millsaps, along with two other partners.

MTF sits on 50 acres and has four tracks, including one supercross track reserved for those with an American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) pro license. Aspiring racers travel from every corner of the globe to experience all MTF has to offer. MTF usually has about 50 riders at the complex training.

The Waldorf Of Motocross

Not only will you get world-class motocross training at MTF, but also myriad amenities and comfortable accommodations. There are 20 spots RVs can hook up for shore electric power and water. On-site bunk houses are also available for those without their own camper. A fitness center, lake and mechanic shop are also available for trainees. Parts and other accessories for your bike can be ordered from Motosport.com, one of Davi Millsaps' long-time sponsors, and shipped right to the facility. A full 2500 square-foot fitness center, sponsored by Planet Fitness, is also available for use.

Riders can take advantage of several different programs to fit their budget. Five-day classes range from $300 to $600, while a full-year of training with room and board will run you around $21,000.

Global Reach

Paul Bevan-Thomas, program coordinator at MTF, told WALB Channel 10 that few people know about the facility in southern Georgia, but it's a completely different story for aspiring racers around the world. Dirt bike riders from Canada, Australia, Indonesia and Japan have polished their skills here. Many of them are teenagers who are stepping foot in the United States for the first time in their lives. Some attend short camps, while others are there for months at a time for long-term training.

Bang For Your Buck

There are no such things as training wheels at MTF. Participants are expected to know how to handle their bike and navigate around a track, according to Jimmy Lewis of Dirtrider.com. Staff are extremely knowledgeable in the sport and will vehemently point out any mistakes you are making. In addition to Millsaps, Bryan Johnson, Jr. also serves as a coach and trainer, while Clint Friesen is director of fitness.

Some have described the regimens like a training camp before the football season. You will be told the right way to do things and anything to the contrary is wrong. The "tough love" approach is what has produced champions like Gavin Faith. The Terex Australian Supercross Champion trained at MTF for months and credits MTF for making him physically and mentally tougher on the track.



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