Kingsport, Tennessee

Kingsport city is located in Sullivan County and Hawkins County in the State of Tennessee, US. The city is one of the best tourist places in the state. The economy of the city is supported by the variety of industries. Many people with different cultures and traditions live in the community. Ethnic backgrounds included White, African American, Asian, American Indian, Pacific Islander Hispanic etc.

The city has well established schools, colleges, hospitals, transportation facilities and media services. There are many planetariums, Natural and wildlife areas, recreation. parks and educational sites. The city has plenty of historic sites, monuments, buildings, museums and galleries which exhibit the historical culture and tradition of the city. For recreation there are some natural parks and zoos which are operated by the government.

The city is provided with various amusement parks for fun, entertainment and dance. There are some music centers in the city which provide a pleasant and peaceful family atmosphere. Other than this, the city has many movie theaters, Shopping Malls, Theme Parks, Golf Courses, Horseback riding stables, Theme parks and hotels to dine etc. One can enjoy food of different taste which includes Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Continental Mexican etc. 

Kingsport is an attractive city for both local residents as well as tourists. There are intriquing options in entertainment, education, affordable living and many other benefits the city offers its residents. It is also an area of history and culture.

Kingsport History

The city of Kingsport has a vast history and is considered as Nation's Historical landmark. Kingsport has a history related with the name of the city. The city was originally served with names like Peace Island, Big Island and Long Island. Later, the city was known as Fort Robinson and Fort Patrick because of the predominant forts in that area. Later, it was given the names Christiansville and Rossville in honor of the businessman who purchased the land. During this period, though the place was barely a town or a village. However, it occupied a significant position in the history.

The town became an important shipping port used for shipping of iron, salt, bacon and other items to the towns situated across the Tennessee and Holston rivers. As a result, the place was called King's Port by the earlier pioneers. Slowly, the King's port was contracted to Kingsport. The name of the city was accepted as Kingsport in the year 1774. The history of the city began in the year 1822 when the city became a major shipping port on Holston River.

The city witnessed many wars like American Civil War and Second World War. The Battle of Kingsport took place where a small band of soldiers stood against a large union. There was a great impact of war on the city's heritage and it took almost forty years for the city to recover completely. In 1917, the city was re-designed by John Nolen, who was a famous architect from Cambridge, Massachusetts. The city was nicknamed as 'modern city' which had many churches, buildings, houses and industries. Slowly, many schools and hospitals were constructed and the city became one of the fastest growing cities. The place is now inhabited by Eastman Chemical Company which was earlier known as Long island.

Many hotels and restaurants were opened. Kingsport is the place where Pal's Sudden Service opened its first fast-food restaurant chain. Since then the city has emerged as one of the best cities in the field of growth, development, tourism and hospitality in the nation. The city is one of the many cities in United States which share multiple counties. This history dates back to many centuries. Kingsport city is located in Sullivan and Hawkins County. A major portion of the city lies in Sullivan County. There are many cities and towns in both these counties. The counties have many schools, colleges and the counties are well developed with proper transportation and hospital facilities, public safety, parks, social service organizations etc.

About Kingsport, Tennessee

The city of Kingsport is located at the connection between the U.S. Highways 11 and 23 in Tennessee State. It is spread over an area of 45 square miles.

The climate of the city is sub tropical and humid. It is protected and secured by the Kingsport Police Department. The police department in the city is the primary law enforcement agency. The city's Chamber of Commerce develops a great quality of life by creating a strong business atmosphere. The prime sport in the city is Baseball. The economy of the city is dominated by the local industries. The city is home to many companies including Eastman Chemical Company, Domtar Paper Company, Holston Army Ammunition Plant etc.

The city has many schools and colleges of which the famous schools are John Adams Elementary school, Andrew Jackson School, Thomas Jefferson School, John Sevier School, Dobyns-Bennett School etc. The schools are run by Kingsport City public Schools system and the system operates eight elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school. The city is provided with many colleges with branch campuses. The colleges which have their branch campuses in Kingsport city are Northeast State Technical Community College, King College, and the East Tennessee State University. The city is served by many hospitals like Indian Path Medical Center and Holston Valley Hospital.

The city has many tourist attractions and the best places to visit are Bays Mountain Park, Warrior Path State Park, Exchange Place, Marquee Cinemas and Warrior's Path Riding stables among many others. The city is popular for a race, which is 15 minute special drive from Kingsport called Bristol Motor speedway. The speedway organizes many other races including car race, drag race etc. The Netherland Inn House Museum is one of the famous and oldest museums in the County. Other museums in the city are DKA Gallery which is a fine art gallery, Meadowview Regional Art Collection which have a collection of art prepared by regional artists and Up Against the Wall Gallery. There are many historical sites like Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail, Historic Downtown Kingsport Heritage Trail, Netherland Inn etc. For Entertainment and recreation one can visit Kingsport Greenbelt, Boatyard/Riverfront Park and Bays Mountain Park & Planetarium.

The city has many hotels and resorts. Tourists can enjoy great vacation deals to Tennessee. The city is a well-loved city and is perfect place to enjoy with your family. Some of the best hotels in the city are Holiday Inn express Hotel, Westside Inn, Comfort Inn south and Red Roof Inn Kingsport etc.

About Sullivan County, Tennessee

Sullivan and Hawkins County play home to Kingsport city. Both of the Counties are popular vacation spots and offer various activities like Boating, Mountain climbing, golf courses, social events and other entertainment programs.

Sullivan County is located in New York. The County originated from Ulster County. Monticello is the County Seat. The County is spread over an area of 997 square miles. The surrounding counties are Delaware County to the north, Ulster County to the northeast, Orange County to the south east, Pike County to the southwest and Wayne County to the west. The major towns and cities in the County are Bethel, Delaware, Fallsburg, Fremont, Liberty, Lumberland, Tusten and Woodbourne etc. The needs of the people are met at affordable prices. Some of the best schools and colleges in the county are Eldered Central School, Fallsburg Central School, Roscoe Central School, Tri-valley Central school, Sullivan County Community College etc. The County is a famous tourist spot. There are several places for vacation, fun, entertainment and recreation in the County. The famous parks in the County include Steel creek, Warriors Path, Observation Knob etc. These parks offer many adventurous activities like Hunting, Hiking, Trekking, Camping, Boating and many more. The County is famous for Woodstock festival celebrated every year.

Hawkins County is located in the state on Tennessee. Rogersville is the second-oldest town in the County and is also the County Seat. Kingsport is one of the prime cities in the County. The County is spread over an area of 500 square miles. The surrounding counties are Lee County to the north, Sullivan County to the east, Greene County to the south, Hancock County to the west, Scott County to the northeast and Washington County to the southeast. The County is well connected by road and railways. The major highways that run across the County are U.S. Highway 11W and 11E. The prime cities and towns in the County are Bulls Gap, Church Hill, Kingsport, Mount Carmel, Rogersville, and Surgoinsville. There are many places of historical interest. The County has a Genealogical & Historical society to preserve the records of Hawkins County. The attractions in the County are Beaches, Traditional Cuisine, Historic buildings, and shopping centers. One can enjoy many outdoor activities like swimming, boating, fishing and cycling etc.