York, Pennsylvania

York City also known as "White Rose City" is situated in York County of Pennsylvania in the South Central region. According to 2010 U.S Census, the population of the city is 43,718 and occupies a total area of 5.3 square miles, out of which 0.1 square miles is water and 5.2 square miles is dominated by land. It is the principal city of York-Hanover-Gettysburg CSA which is a Combined Statistical Area including the Gettysburg metropolitan area (Adams County) and York Hanover metropolitan area (York County).

Public transportation in the city is served by Rabbit Transit, operating multiple bus routes and also has a Greyhound/Trailways bus depot operated by Greyhound Lines. Rail enthusiasts can take advantage from the York County Heritage Rail Trail. Although the city does not have commercial airports, locals and visitors can use either Harrisburg International Airport or Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

The city is a historic, cultural and geographical crossroads of the east coast. It highlights a variety of educational and medical, agricultural, manufacturing, construction, tourism and professional industries. From the American Revolution to the Civil War, high-tech and industrial revolutions and through America's second revolution, York City remains a bedrock of Pennsylvania.

The city is also host to fantastic factory tours, authentic historical experiences, exhilarating outdoor adventures and splendid sipping on the state's premier wine trail.

York is an attractive city for both local residents as well as tourists. The city also has a bustling nightlife, various places to eat, places to see and can also offer you a great shopping experience. It is also an area of history and culture.

York History

Yorktown or York was founded by settlers from Philadelphia region in 1741.By 1777, majority of its residents were either from Scotch-Irish or German descent. On September 24, 1787, it was incorporated as borough and on January 11, 1887, it was incorporated as city. During American Revolutionary War (1775-1783), it served as temporary capital of Continental Congress.

York itself was the first capitol of U.S., although many historians consider the city to be the fourth capitol after Philadelphia, Baltimore and Lancaster. The Articles of Confederation that was drafted under the opposition to British rule and was considered as the first legal document which referred the colonies of United States. The U.S census reported that the city ranked among the top 100 populous urban area from 1800 to 1840. During American Civil War, the city became the largest town to be occupied by Confederate army . York U.S. Army Hospital located on Penn Commons used to serve many Union soldiers who were wounded in the battles of Gettysburg and Antietam. During the Postbellum era, the city remained the regional center for agricultural and increasingly became a popular industrial center with industries such as railroad manufacturing, steam engines and papermaking. It also features unique architecture that ranges from large gothic churches to colonial era buildings.

The York Motor Car Company built Pullman Automobiles from 1905-1917.Another model was introduced to San Francisco to show its reliability before introducing Lincoln Highway that ran through the town connecting San Francisco and New York. York has also been home to Pfaltzgraff Company who built their first pottery factory in 1895 and continued their operation till 2005. The York Peppermint Pattie which is now produced by Hershey Company was created in the city in 1940.

In the 21st century, York has experienced many achievements and embarrassments. In 2002, York faced a shortfall in its budget by $1,000,000. John S. Brenner, the mayor asked the county's 302,000 residents to donate $3.32.This plan, commonly referred as ""Big Mac" Plan, received national attention. In 2007, the city opened its first stadium known as "Sovereign Bank Stadium" in Arch Street neighborhood.

In 2008, National Public Radio's Steve Inskeep and Michele Norris showcased the city in the program," "The York Project: Race & the '08 Vote."This program had 7 series and featured York citizens discussing on racial perceptions, race relations and emotions inspired by 2008 elections. In 2009, Kim Bracey succeeded in the Democratic primary and became a favored candidate for the post of mayor. In November, she won general elections against Republican Wendell Banks and served first African-American and also second woman mayor.

About York, Pennsylvania

York, Pennsylvania is the principal seat of York County. The City is presently the 14th biggest city in the state. The city is the home to Strand Capitol Performing Arts Center where it hosts countrywide acclaimed acts. The Capitol Theater also features foreign and independent films, making it the only venue in the city to feature rare films. At present, the city's culture is represented in its evolving role as industrial and agricultural center. The country's oldest fair known as the "York Fair" has typical fair attractions that includes contests, games and rides. The city's rich heritage is preserved by York County Heritage Trust which is a non-profit educational institution. This trust uses and preserves historic sites, museum and collections to encourage people to explore its culture and history.

The city also has an extensive park system which includes Colony Park Lanes East, Suburban Bowlerama, York City Ice Arena and Colony Park Lanes North. The York City Ice Arena is a premier Ice Sports facility that offers excellent ice skating programs in addition to non-skating entertainment and recreation events. The City's Recreation and Parks help in sponsoring Olde York Street Fair on Mother's Day every year. In this Fair, more than 150 craft, art and also food vendors line up in George and Market streets.

Recreation and heritage converge on York County Heritage Rail Trail which is a popular 21-mile trail connecting the York city with Mason-Dixon Line. Visitors or outdoor enthusiasts can take pleasure in a leisurely walk, ride or run while experiencing the city's renowned countryside and many historic attractions such as Howard Tunnel, the oldest operation rail trail and Hanover Junction, a Civil War Station.

The city's "revolutionary attitude" applies into the local dining setting as well. From Italian restaurants to French bistros, York's eateries suggest a menu for all tastes and budget. After dark, the city's vibrant life kicks into gear. There are several Bars and Casinos in the city such as Vertigo Night Club, WaterWay Raw Bar & Grill and Hardware Bar that transform the city into happening nightspots. From national jazz performers to live rock bands, most nights in the city offers something new.

From distinctive historic antiques to modern crafts, York's merchants offer a very diverse shopping experience. Vintage clothing, traditional garden ornaments and period furniture are found in charming purveyors like Circa Antiques, Iron Gate Antiques and Alley Cats. The city's downtown also has two historic farmers markets; Central Market House (1888) and Market & Penn Farmers Market (1866) where you can find vegetables, meats and Pennsylvania Dutch specialties such as shoe-fly pie.

York city is a home to renowned York College of Pennsylvania, founded in 1787. In addition, the city has many colleges which offer diploma programs and accredited degree in Medical, Business and Culinary fields.

About York County, Pennsylvania

York County is located in Pennsylvania in the eastern part of the US. The county is located in Susquehanna Valley which is a large fertile agricultural area situated in South Central Pennsylvania. According to 2010 U.S Census Bureau, the population of the county is 434,972 and has an area of 910 square miles, out of which 6 square miles is water and 904 square miles is land. The county is blessed with a variety of agriculture, industry, culture, history and scenic beauty.

Historically, York was considered as the America's first capitol-home from September 1777-June 1778 to Continental Congress. Area museums provide sights into areas that include timekeeping, Native American life, weight lifting agriculture and also the renowned Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Museum.

The county's captivating history can be uncovered through its 18 large scale, spectacular murals that highlight almost 250 years of its diverse culture in the City Murals Waking Tour.

It has tremendous state parks where one is invited to windsurf, bird watch, swim, picnic and fish. Marburg, Codorus State Park's Lake is a perfect spot for inner tubers, picnickers and paddlers. You can get a glimpse in the making of various products in the county's 15+ free factory tours. The tours also include having a bird's eye view in the 'Chip Trip' where visitors can view the making of classic chips and watching them go from track to bag. You can also get a sneak peak in making hand-dipping ice cream at the Sweet Willows Creamery.

York County also features UnCork York Wine Trail where you can sip the locally crafted vintages all year round. This trail features 13 different wineries in York, Gettysburg, Lancaster and Hershey area. The county also offers various outdoor activities on the Susquehanna River such as kayaking, trekking boating, fishing and many more while also watching its varied wildlife. The County's 21-mile Heritage Rail Trail is also ideal for hiking, biking, cross-country skiing; snowshoeing and horseback riding. You can also indulge in golf from its numerous golf courses.

The county also hosts various events such as art and craft shows, trade shows, fairs, vendor expos, collector events, antique shows, town-side yard sales, flea markets and many more all year round.