Charlotte, North Carolina

If you are planning to live here in the city of Charlotte, you will be pleased to know that this city has just about everything that you will need. Charlotte can accommodate people of all walks of life.

There is no shortage of entertainment in Charlotte. The community offers entertainment of all different types to please people of all kinds. Events with great cultural diversity and restaurants for foodies enjoying rich taste enrich the lifes of residents and visitors alike.

Business people will be happy to know that there are a number of great resources that will help with the expansion and stability of their businesses. They can consult organizations, like the local Chamber of Commerce, for help at any time.

There are engaging recreation options. Charlotte has 17,600 acres of land devoted to parks and nature so there are many adventurous outings for nature lovers. There are also a number of facilities that are devoted to recreation that host a large number of events all year round.

Charlotte boasts modern convenience with outstanding and reliable public transportation. There are tons of stores, bars, clubs, recreation centers, and other areas of interest that tare within walk distance from each other.

Finally, there are the outstanding neighborhoods and communities. Families that are looking to settle down and find a nice place for the children to grow up will have no problem finding a satisfactory neighborhood.

Charlotte is a marvelous city full of wonders. It has great organizations and venues to make it ideal both as a tourist destination and a place to live permanently. Charlotte has become a major U.S. financial center, and is now the second largest banking center in the United States. It is ripe with history and cultural influence.

Charlotte History

Charlotte was first established by European settlers in the year of 1755. Thomas Spratt and his family moved there and lived next to what is today known as the Elizabeth Neighborhood. The granduncle of James K. Polk (James K. Polk was one of the presidents of the United States.) married the daughter of Thomas Spratt, and the family played an integral role in establishing Charlotte Town. Of course, charlotte Town would not be fully established and incorporated, until the year of 1768.

In the year of 1770, some surveyors came and marked out the streets in a grid pattern for development of these streets in the future. This is how the city got the grid pattern that it now has today. Along with setting up the pattern for the streets, important building were built in the town, such as the courthouse, stores, and houses. Railroads were also established.

Also during the nineteenth century, a large number of churches were established that came from all different denominations. These churches were of the Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, Catholic, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, and Methodist denominations. As a result of all of these churches being established, Charlotte was called The City of Churches.

More amazing things happened for the city of charlotte, in the year of 1799 in Cabarrus County, a twelve year old boy found a rock that weight seventeen pounds. HIs family used the rock as a doorstop, until a jeweler told the family that the rock was, in fact, pure gold. The jeweler paid the family $3.50 for this rock, and then the gold rush in North Carolina began. This gold rush lasted until the California gold rush begin in the year of 1848. The last gold mine was closed in 1912, though, many small groups of people still look for gold in the streets today.

Successful organizations were born in Charlotte. One of them is what is known as Wachovia Bank. Wachovia Bank enjoyed years of success, until it was bought out by Wells Fargo.

Today, charlotte continues to enjoy monumental success. Tourism is booming, as people come from all over to enjoy the sightseeing of museums, parks, and other historical sites. Though the city was hit by a very nasty hurricane, as well as an ice store (both of these storms damaged the city in a bad way. the residents of the city had no power for weeks, and the city took months to be cleaned up completely. there were numerous fallen trees and leaves in the streets.), stability has managed to remain. business continues as usual.

Along with enjoying success, people from all different cultures flourish. In the year of 2012, the city of Charlotte will host the Demographic convention.

About Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte is a city that is one of a kind. Not only is Charlotte a good place to live, it is also a great place to visit. Charlotte offers fabulous recreation, entertainment, dining, sightseeing opportunities, and accommodations.

Being that the city of Charlotte has 17,600 acres of land that has been set aside for parks, nature enjoyment, and recreational use, the variety of activities is endless. Individuals can take a paddle boat on the water and enjoy some nice relaxation. Individuals can also have picnics in the park, take hikes on nature trails, go sightseeing, or go bike riding. Individuals will also be glad to find Recreation Centers, Greenways, and Nature Preserves on this land also.

The entertainment in the city of Charlotte is the best that you will ever have. Our can not only go and see some of the best concerts and plays that are offered in this country, you will be able to go and seek entertainment from all different types of cultures. And since the city is known for its NASCAR races, individuals can go and watch them also when the races are running.

Now, let us have a look at the food. The food is completely and totally delicious. Individuals who have eaten at any of the diners here have all agreed that they just can't get enough. The Southern style cooking is something to be remembered. Individuals can enjoy barbeque pork, biscuits and gravy, delicious liver mush, grits, and sausage. The greens cooked in fatback are also nothing to shake a stick at. They are so savory and will melt in the mouths of any who eat them. As a matter of fact, the greens are very popular here.

Site seeing opportunities are endless here in Charlotte. Some of the most notable attractions that individuals come here to see are Billy Graham Library, U.S. National Whitewater Center, Discovery Place, Carowinds, and Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. Of course, there is the awesome, well known NASCAR Hall of Fame, which is a place that is very prized by NASCAR fans from all over the country. Individuals are eager to snap photos of these locations, as they want to show them to family and friends back home.

Then, there are the accommodations. Individuals can get hotel rooms at very decent prices, as well as enjoy other outstanding amenities, such as some outstanding eateries that are all within walking distance. Even the hotels have restaurants, spas, swimming pools, massage parlors, and salons inside of them. Charlotte is determined to make all of its visitors feel welcome.

Individuals who plan to visit Charlotte will do well to bring a lot of money along. After all, there is so much that this city has to offer, as far as creating memories and experiencing new things is concerned.

About Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

The city of Charlotte, which is situated right in the middle of Mecklenburg County, is named after the British queen, Charlotte Sophia. It received its name in 1762. The county was named Mecklenburg, as it was the place in Germany where she was born. Both the city and the county are of a metropolitan nature, though there are many rural areas in the county.

Mecklenburg County has a steady transportation infrastructure. Twenty-five freight trains come in and out of the county on a daily basis. In addition, freight is transported through the county via trucks. Mecklenburg County also receives services from Amtrak thrice daily, meaning that people can travel using the Amtrak train three times a day. Mass transportation is provided by CATS) bus service. CATS) bus service serves just about every part of the county, and it also provides mass transportation services for the city of Charlotte Light rail services are supplied through the company LYNX Rapid Transit Services.

The county is also full of various recreational activities, entertainment, and good dining. You can find such things in any of the county's seven municipalities. You will be able to enjoy some of the best relaxation that you will ever have the opportunity to experience, mouthwatering Southern style cooking, and some of the most excellent shows, concerts, and plays.

When you come to visit the city of Charlotte, do not forget to spend some time in the county. You will get to enjoy a much quieter atmosphere, which is outstanding for those who want things to go at a slower pace. Not to mention, the county has a plethora of attractions that you will want to visit.

If you should ever decide to live in the county, you will be pleased to know that this county will have just about everything you need. There are nice neighborhoods, fabulous conveniences, and great schools for people of all ages. Basically, the county is one of the places to live in the nation, as well as being one of the best places to visit.