North Port, Florida

North Port is one of the most naturally attractive cities in Florida with the entire city tucked between natural springs and covered with a canopy of pine and oak trees. The city has a rich archeological history and is criss-crossed with miles and miles of freshwater canals, which have been maintained the way they were when the city was set up. It is called as Florida’s best kept secret.  It is located in the State of Florida and in the county of Sarasota. It is part of the Bradenton-Sarasota-Venice Metropolitan Statistical Area and is located between the cities of Fort Myers and Tampa. 

Currently, North Port is rapidly developing city with a rapidly expanding population. The city is popular for its unique natural environment and its youthful mindset. The city offers visitors a chance to indulge in recreational activities like horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, and also bird watching. The city is also the home of warm-water springs, which maintain a constant temperature of 87 degrees throughout the year. People from around the world visit the city to bathe in the magical waters of the springs. North Port has the lowest property taxes and has excellent educational facilities. Combined with excellent job opportunities and a steady economic development, people everywhere find this a great place to live in.

About North Port

Welcome to the city of North Port, where you will be able to make just about anything happen. The city also has a bustling nightlife, various places to eat, places to see and can also offer you a great shopping experience. It is also an area of history and culture.

North Port History

The city of North Port is located between Sarasota and Fort Myers. Although North Port is vast in area, it is sparsely populated. For a land area of 103 square miles, only ten percent of the city area is populated. 

When North Port was incorporated about 50 years ago, there were just 178 people. Originally known as North Charlotte, and situated next to the Gulf of Mexico, North Port had a sizeable population by 1980, probably making it one of the fastest growing cities in Florida. The city today continues to attract investors, businesses, and families who call this city their permanent home. From 1980 to 3005, the population of the city grew from 6,205 to around 40,000.

The city is the result of constant developmental efforts of the General Development Corporation, which was assigned to develop the sea port. This corporation was involved in Port Charlotte’s improvement and the city of North Port fell into the scheme of things. North Port was initially called North Port Charlotte by the General Development Corporation. This name continued throughout the city's incorporation under the Florida Legislature act of 1959. By collective consensus, North Port Charlotte’s name was shortened to North Port to give the city a separate name and detach it from the similar Port Charlotte.

Even with rapid urbanization seen in the past 50 years, there has not been much effect on Florida’s natural habitat. In certain parts of the city, wildlife has been left untouched. There are 95 miles of freshwater canals that are still flowing without any man-made disruptions.

North Port is the only city in Florida with a forest. The Myakka State Forest is located in the city region. Due to its naturalistic environment, North Port is a good place for recreational activities such as fishing, canoeing and other nature activities.

Bradenton (another principal city of the metro area) was first discovered by Hernando De Soto in 1539. De Soto discovered this place at Shaw’s Point. The discovery was by accident, as the search was intended to find legendary El Dorado. Bradenton was incorporated in 1903 and the current city of Bradenton took shape in 1943. This was after the Florida legislature made Manatee and Bradenton into one single entity.

Some historic sites in Bradenton City are Braden Castle Park Historic District, off of Manatee Avenue and 27th St East; Bradenton Bank and Trust Company Building, 1925, now the Professional Building, 1023 Manatee Avenue, West; Iron Block Building, 1896, 530 12th Street West (Old Main Street); Manatee County Courthouse, 1913, 1115 Manatee Avenue, West; Old Manatee County Courthouse, 1860, 1404 Manatee Avenue, East and Peninsular Telephone Company Building, 1925 and the 1009 4th Avenue, West.


Sarasota city (the third principal city of the metro area) had inhabitants as far back as fifteen thousand years ago. Humans settled along the Gulf of Mexico, for hunting and gathering. Archaeological excavations have revealed that Sarasota City was used for pre-historic settlements. The city and the surrounding areas were first surveyed by the Europeans in 1513. A Spanish contingent first arrived here after touching base at Charlotte Harbor. In the 18th century Sarasota city was known as Zara Zote, and was even identified on navigational maps in such a way.

About North Port, Florida

North Port is located in the southern part of Florida’s Sarasota County. The city has a modest population of around 54,000 people, according to the United States Census. The city was originally developed by the General Development Corporation and given the name North Port Charlotte. However in 1974, the citizens voted to change the name of the city to just North Port. 

The city of North Port is a rapidly expanding municipality with large scale divisions for residential purposes. The city has an extensive network of streets, which is rarely seen in other cities in United States. The city has a total area of 75.5 square miles, of which about 0.87 miles is covered by water.

The population density of the city is around 310 people per square miles. The city’s population is dominated by White, who make up about 92.67 percent, followed by African Americans at 4.18 percent. Native Americans, Pacific Islander and Asians make up the rest of the population.  The per capita income of the city is around $16,836. 

North Port is a picturesque city with loads of attractions and things to do. A large number of visitors who love golf visit the numerous world class golf courses here. Quite unusually so, the golfing community is high in numbers here, and there are many people who have got into golf at a very early age. At the Heron Creek Golf and Country Club golfing can never be a more fun-filled activity. The nine-hole golfing course is ideal for all types of golfers. With friendly staff and great ground conditions the place is perfect for a golfing vacation.

Warm Mineral Springs are close to the city. It is home to sub-urban localities and also the “Fountain of Youth”. Also known as “Ponce de Leon”, more than nine million gallons of warm water are pumped into the water pools daily. 76,000 visitors come to this place every year. This easily makes it the cynosure of attention in the whole of North Port. Today, the place is home to an international spa. During ancient times, people as far as Asia used to visit this place to take a bath in it. They were inclined to believing that bathing in this fountain water was the magic elixir of everlasting youthfulness.

Bradenton is a principal component to the metro area. It also has a number of attractions. It touts the famous “People at Play” theme oriented amusement center. In this amusement center, visitors build elevators, buildings and be part of a mock construction crew. It is useful to people who want to learn team spirit and leadership in a fun-filled non-pressurizing environment.

Robinson Nature Preserve is a place of nature in Bradenton that is known for its naturalistic ingenuity. Paved trails, observation platforms, and nice boardwalks make this place a pleasant getaway spot. The locals use the features extensively for jogging, cycling, and other activities.

Bradenton’s Mixon Fruit Farms is a sweet attraction; literally. For it is here that the freshest fruits of Florida are grown and sold. There are plenty of fruits and varieties to choose from. Visitors can tour the grove, and also stay at the rental accommodations provided on-site.

About Sarasota County, Florida

North Port city and Sarasota city are located in Sarasota County in the State of Florida. Sarasota city is the county seat. The county is a constituent of Sarasota-Manatee Metropolitan Planning Organization - the town planning agency, and Bradenton-Sarasota-Venice Metropolitan Statistical Area.

First formed in 1921, Sarasota County was acquired by the United States. It is believed that the Sarasota was developed from Calusa language, which was the indigenous language at that time. According to the Calusa language, Sarasota meant Point of Rocks.

Sarasota has a rich past which included the presence of the Paleo-Indian settlements in the region. Dating to around 8000 B.C, archaeological evidence suggests that pre-historic people had their hunting and habitation places in the area.

The Scotts took a strong interest in Sarasota in 1885 after adopting the idea of settling the region. Many Scottish people traveled to Sarasota in hopes of finding vegetables and fruit groves. While they didn't make the discovery they hoped, they decided to settle and develop the area. Even today there is a strong Spanish influence in Sarasota and surrounding regions.

Sarasota County is bounded by Manatee County to the north, DeSoto County to the east, and Charlotte County to the south. Manatee County is also in the State of Florida and bounded by five counties. To the north is Hillsborough County, and Polk County, Florida. To the east is Hardee County and to the south are DeSoto and Sarasota Counties.

Manatee County was inhabited by pre-historic Native Americans for thousands of years. DeSoto - the expedition of Spanish explorers discovered this place. In fact this was their first landing site. Manatee means sea cow, which is also the emblem on the county seal. The origin and reason for naming Manatee this way is still unclear.