Santa Cruz, California

The city of Santa Cruz is the seat of the Santa Cruz County in the state of California. The city is well known for its scenic beauty and alternative lifestyles that have flourished in the area. The city is also a hub for education, science and technology. It is one of the upcoming cities in the region as it has high standards of living and a high per capita average income. The city of Santa Cruz is known as the surf city because it has some amazing beaches that are ideal for surfing.

The current day state of Santa Cruz is a prosperous one. The city has a fair number of educational institutions situated inside its boundaries. Besides that, the upcoming Silicon Beach area in the city is home to some of the world's leading technological and developmental companies. A large number of professionals come to make their careers in the city each year which adds to its diversity and strength too. The city has a vibrant sports scene which makes it a great place for youngsters too. Of late is has also become a center for the development and forwarding of organic agriculture. Educational institutions are the largest employer in the city even though a lot of national and multinational companies have also set up base in the city.

Santa Cruz has a lot to offer those who enjoy city life as well as the outdoors. It has something to appeal to everyone's senses. It is also an area of history and culture.

Santa Cruz History

The city of Santa Cruz has ancient origins as American Indians had once made their homes where the city now stands. The city was among the first areas where the Spanish settlers began to explore in the 18th century and also later in the 19th century. After becoming a part of the United States, it soon became a well-known travel destination because of its rich natural resources and scenic beauty. Before the Spanish occupation, the city areas were home to the Ohlone Indians.

The city was given its name by a Spanish missionary who wished to convert the Ohlones and other tribes in the area. Prior to the name that the city was given, it was named after the Spanish Viceroy who was on seat at the time. The Spanish occupation was ended by 1820 and control was passed over to Mexico only to be passed on to the United States after the US-Mexican War. By 1850, Santa Cruz was already a part of California and it was made into a city in 1866. The city immediately attracted a lot of settlers because it was located in a strategic and scenic region that had a lot of potential for growth. It established itself early on as a report community where the rich would usually come in for holiday and fun.

The city has become an urban yet well preserved community through the years. It was one of the first cities in the recent past to approve the medical usage of marijuana. The Liberal population of the city has made themselves heard on more than one occasion. The Rise of the liberal population has a history since the 1900s as the city saw protests from liberal citizens even then. Of late, a lot of technological advancements have happened in the city with the rise of the Silicon Beach since the early 90s which has brought more intellectuals into the city.

The city also flourished as a tourist town since the earliest times of its establishment. The all-round pleasant climate of the city has also contributed to this but the scenic beauty is a major factor. The city council made arrangements for building public amenities as early as 1907. Strong steps taken by the city council were further cemented in 1948, when the city adopted a council member form of administration headed by a mayor and six councilmen. The city's coast was also hit by the ocean surges from the earthquake that occurred in March 2011 causing heavy damages to some areas. The estimated total cost for the damage caused in the city was around $10 million.

About Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz is well known as a popular tourist destination. It is known for its excellent climate, educational institutions, and alternate lifestyles all around the nation. The city also has the designation of being one of the most liberal places to live in. The main sources of employment for the people are the educational institutions that have come up in the area. Apart from education, agriculture is also a major employer and provider. The city has also been actively involved in setting up an organic movement which aims to sustainably improve not just the quality but also the quantity of crops produced.

The city has an upcoming technological district which has made a lot of progress of late. The Santa Cruz wing of the University of California is also located in the city which is a world class research facility. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is one of the major tourist attractions in the city and it also employs a large number of people. The area has a water park which is also a spot for tourists and locals alike. The Montgomery Bay which is also a marine sanctuary is a draw for tourists too.

It is well known for the redwood forests and they attract perhaps the largest number of tourists. Downtown Santa Cruz is a huge tourist attraction for people as the architecture there is worth seeing. The city has the nickname of  "surf city" because of the many wonderful beaches that offer excellent opportunities to enjoy the wind and the water. The city also has a large number of parks and five greenbelt districts have also been set up in the city to preserve the natural heritage.

The city is also a well-known center for sports - especially water sports. The city has a lot of activities dedicated to water sports which includes diving, paddling, swimming and surfing. It is known as one of the hottest surf destinations found anywhere in the world. There are a lot of alternate activities like fishing and animal watching which also includes bird watching.

Santa Cruz has a fair share of cultural attractions like museums and is also home to a number of festivals each year. The cultural events that happen in the city are all well-known all across the nation and even the world. A lot of music related events are also held in the city on a regular basis which includes the Santa Cruz County Symphony which happens annually.

About Santa Cruz County, California

Santa Cruz County is a county located on the Pacific coast of America in the state of California. The county was incorporated in 1850 and is one of the few original counties of the state of California. The county was a part of the Spanish empire and was formerly named Branciforte but was later named Santa Cruz. It has an area of 607.16 square miles out of which 162 square miles is water and the rest is land. The county has only four towns and cities that have been incorporated namely, Santa Cruz, Capitol Scotts Valley, and Watsonville while the rest are not incorporated.

The county has a long stretch of beaches which are of a total length of almost 30 kilometers. The county also contains six state parks which are all located across the different landscapes that it has. Santa Cruz County is the way into the Monterey Bay National Maritime Sanctuary which is a well-known marine sanctuary. The county is home to more than 18 endangered species and a major initiative has been taken up to preserve these species. Agriculture is a major part of the economy of the county along with education services, tourism, and high technology services. Of late more and more high technology companies have settled along this belt. The cultural confluence in the county is also worth noting as the city of Santa Cruz has a reputation for being a major liberal community altogether. It is a prosperous county with a high per capita income. The schools in the county are also well known to deliver quality education to the residents.

The county also has some excellent wineries which are well known to the world. The making of wine is not just an important economic activity but also a socio-cultural activity. It is connected through seven major state highways to the rest of the state and nation and the nearest airports are located in the cities of San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland.