Allentown Entertainment

There are a number of exciting entertainment options in the city of Allentown. The options have been expanded as tourism continues to grow. There are also museums and other attractions giving the city a complete blend of fun and entertainment. There are also sport parks and other facilities known for sports and recreation.

Entertainment in Allentown

Allentown Theaters and Fine Arts Venues

Allentown has some of the best theaters. Great options include exciting movie theaters while others consist of stunning performance facilities. Allentown Movies Some nights just call for a trip to the movie theater. Allentown has some great locations. Some are the latest, state-of-the-art facilities with 3D, IMax or other fascinating features. Others are quaint locations for small audiences. Mov...

Allentown Night Life

The Allentown night life is exciting! People from every walk of life find their niche and have a ton of great options to choose from. Some venues are award winning and some attract celebrity visitors. Great food, great atmospheres, great music and great people make for an exciting night on the town. Social Scene Many Allentown residents and visitors love to play, party, and mingle. There are ven...

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