San Jose Major Streets and Roadways

The Bayshore Freeway, the Sinclair Freeway and the Guadalupe Parkway are the main roads that surround the city. Some of the main streets of San Jose include the 1st Street, 2nd Street, 4th Street, 10th Street, 11th Street and 14th Street. These streets form the main part of downtown San Jose and are conveniently named based on the numbers. The Streets that run East - West are not named according to numbers. 

Some of the streets that run from east to west include the Jullian Street, the Santa Clara Street, the Willow Street, the San Carlos Street, the San Salvador Street, Reed Street, Virginia Street and the Keyes Street. These are classified as west and east streets based on whether they appear on the western or eastern side of the Guadalupe Parkway that cuts through the city from North to South. 

The city tries to keep the streets clean and well maintained, and attempts are made by the government and its citizens to remove graffiti as soon as possible. Navigating through the streets of San Jose is easy with the help of a road map.

Major Freeways, Highways, and Streets

  • I-680 - Branches from city to N
  • Bayshore Freeway - Traverses city from NW to SE
  • I-880 - Traverses city N to city center
  • 101 - Traverses city from NW to SE
  • I-280 - Curves out of city center to NW