The Mountainous region of the central United States is home to the State of Wyoming. It was admitted to the union on July 10, 1890 as the 44th state of United States. Cheyenne is the capital of this state. With a population of just 563,626, Wyoming is the least populous state in the United States. However, geographically it is among the top 10 largest states in the United States.  

Since 2000, Wyoming has witnessed an increase of population by over 14%. Over 30% of the population resides in Metropolitan Statistical Area. The education system of Wyoming is looked after by the State Superintendent of public instruction and is among the best in United States. 

State Nickname

The Wyoming State has earned many nicknames. However, the official state nickname is “Equality State”. This name seems to have originated because of its practice to give equal rights to both men as well as women. The other unofficial nicknames of this state are Cowboy State, Forever West and Park State.    

Climate Summary

The State of West Virginia is known for its humid and hot summers as well as mild winters. These climatic conditions are popular in the Southwestern area of West Virginia. The climate in other parts of the state is known for warmer summers and cooler winters.  The West Virginia ranks among the least tornado prone states in the United States.   

State Tax Situation 

The State of West Virginia is known for its fair tax policy. The personal income tax is levied on the citizens between 3% and 6.5% depending upon their income bracket. The sales tax is levied at 6% in this state. The West Virginia State does not impose inheritance tax.  

Government Summary

As is the case with many States in USA, the Federal Government comprises of 3 branches: Executive, Judicial and legislative. The Governor heads the executive branch of the Government. Supreme Court of Appeals is the judicial head of the state. House of Delegates and the Senate head the State Legislature which is bicameral. 

State Seal

The great seal of West Virginia was adopted on September 26, 1863. The seal comprises the name of the state on the upper part and the motto “Montani Semper Liberi” at the bottom of the seal. The date of admission of the West Virginia, June 20, 1863 appears at the center of the seal. 

Motto & Description 

The motto of the Wyoming state is “Equal Rights”. The same is also depicted in the state seal of Wyoming. There is a bit of history attached behind this motto. The State had elected female Governor, court bailiff and justice in the past. The motto of this state came into effect from the year 1893.

State Flag

The flag of the Wyoming was adopted by the legislature in the year 1917. The flag was adopted after several years from the time the state was admitted to the union. It comprises of a white silhouetted buffalo at the center and the state flag inside it. 

State Bird

The icterid bird, Western Meadowlark is the state bird of Wyoming. The bird is commonly sighted in the central north and western America. Its size will be around 21 centimeters. Western Meadowlark is also the state bird for several states in United States such as North Dakota and Kansas etc.

State Flower

The state flower of Wyoming is “Indian Paintbrush”. It was adopted as the state flower on January 31, 1917. The flower is also popularly known as desert paintbrush among various others. They usually appear from June to September and will grow up to one meter in size.  

State Animal

American Bison (Buffalo) is the state animal of Wyoming. This Buffalo is commonly noticed in the North America. The American Bison was named as the state animal or mammal in the year 1917. The animal is heavily built and would weigh between 700 to 2000 lbs.  

State Song And Description

The state song of Wyoming is “In the far and mighty West…. All my heart and love you’ve won”. This song was admitted as the State song of Wyoming in the year 1955. The song was written by C.E. Winter and composed by G.E.Knapp.   

State Colors 

The State of Wyoming has three official colors. These colors are White, Blue and Red. These colors represent purity, justice and the blood of the pioneers who sacrificed their lives for reclaiming this land. All these colors are also found in the state flag.