West Virginia

The Southeastern and Appalachian regions of the United States play home to the West Virginia State. Charleston is the capital city of this state. It was during the American Civil War that the Virginia broke down into two and gave rise to the West Virginia State. It was admitted to the union in the year 1863. West Virginia State is famous for the diverse topography and mountains. 

It is ranked 41st among the largest states in United States. The state witnessed 2.5% increase in the population between 2000 and 2010. As per the Census conducted in 2010, the population of West Virginia stood at 1,852,994. 

State Nickname

West Virginia like any other state in the United States has developed for itself numerous nicknames. The official nickname of the state is “Mountain State”. This nickname is mainly because of the presence of Appalachian Mountains. Apart from this, the state is also popular with the nickname “Panhandle State”.  

Climate Summary

The State of West Virginia is known for its humid and hot summers as well as mild winters. These climatic conditions are popular in the Southwestern area of West Virginia. The climate in other parts of the state is known for warmer summers and cooler winters.  The West Virginia ranks among the least tornado prone states in the United States.   

State Tax Situation 

The State of West Virginia is known for its fair tax policy. The personal income tax is levied on the individuals between 3% and 6.5% depending upon the income bracket. The sales tax is levied at 6%. The West Virginia State does not impose inheritance tax.  

Government Summary

As is the case with many States in USA, the Federal Government comprises of 3 branches: Executive, Judicial and legislative. The Governor heads the executive branch of the Government. Supreme Court of Appeals is the judicial head of the state. House of Delegates and the Senate head the State Legislature which is bicameral. 

State Seal

The great seal of West Virginia was adopted on September 26, 1863. The seal comprises the name of the state on the upper part and & the motto “Montani Semper Liberi” at the bottom of the seal. The date of admission of the West Virginia, June 20, 1863 appears at the center of the seal. 

Motto & Description 

The motto of the West Virginia state is “Montani Semper Liberi” that is also present in the state seal. The meaning of this motto is “Mountaineers Are Always Free”. It came into effect from the year 1872 when the state constitution was signed.

State Flag

The legislature of West Virginia State adopted the current flag on March 7, 1929. The flag has a dark blue border and a white field. The flag also comprises of the state seal at the center covered by coat of arms symbolizing principal pursuits and resources of West Virginia. 

State Bird

The West Virginia has adopted Northern Cardinal as its state bird. This songbird which measures around 21 centimeters is commonly noticed in North America and Southern Canada. The female will be in dull red brown color whereas the male bird is of vibrant red. 

State Flower

The state flower of West Virginia is “Rhododendron Maximum”. It was adopted as the state flower on January 29, 1903 through a voting system. The flower is a shrub of the heath family that can be identified with its dark green leaves. 

State Animal

Black bear is the state animal of West Virginia. This bear is commonly noticed in the Northern America. The black bear often reflects its dominance with marks on the trees made by the claws. The said bear is said to have the highest dominance in the North America.

State Song And Description

The state song of West Virginia is “The West Virginia Hills…. West Virginia, My Home Sweet Home”. This song was written by Mrs. Ellen King and music composed by H.E. Engle. The song was admitted as the state song of West Virginia in the year 1963. 

State Colors 

As is the case with many states in USA, the West Virginia State also has its own colors. Old gold and blue are the state colors of West Virginia. These colors were adopted by the legislature on March 8, 1963. These 2 colors can be seen in the state flag too.