Naples, Florida

Naples is one of the beautiful cities in Collier County located in Florida. Naples is situated between Miami and Fort Myers. It can be considered as the premier tourist destination in south Florida. The major attractions in Naples are its charming and sweeping white-sand beaches. The beaches are noted for their cleanliness and fresh water. One can find many land reserves in Naples. The famous activities in Naples are centered on the water. One can enjoy activities like fishing, boating, jet-skiing etc. The city of Naples is famous for performing arts too. You will find many world-class hotels and resorts near the white beaches.

The city of Naples is spread over an area of 37 Sq. Km. It has a tropical wet and dry climate. It has a humid tropical climate with some distinct seasons that make the city more interesting. The best time to visit Naples is from November to April. There are many luxurious hotels and resorts that make your stay in the city a memorable experience.

The atmosphere of Naples is calm and elegant. The city is filled with beautiful and grand architecture. It is also home to many fortune 1000 companies. Over the years, Naples has served as a popular tourist destination in the Florida State.

Naples has a lot to offer those who enjoy city life as well as the outdoors. There are intriquing options in entertainment, education, affordable living and many other benefits the city offers its residents. The city is known for its ambient social atmosphere and its lively residents.

Naples History

The city of Naples has plenty of history attached to it. In the 17th century, Calusa Indians were the only people to stroll the sandy beaches of Naples. Then in the late 1860s Roger Gordon and Joe Wiggins arrived and settled in Naples. Two brothers named John and Madison came in 1876 and settled along the Gordon's pass. They were Naples' first permanent residents. After that, the Naples town improvement company was founded by a group of Tallahassee businessmen. The city of Naples was founded in late 1880s.

Many stories were created about the area. People started hearing about the area's climate and abundant fish. People gave it the name 'Naples' when the promoters called it "Surpassing the Bay in Naples, Italy". Williams and Halderman built a 600 feet pier into the Gulf of Mexico. To achieve this, a wooden tramway was used to deliver luggage and supplies to Naples. In 1887, a group of wealthy people purchased the entire town. The Naples town improvement company was reorganized under a group of prominent Kentuckians. Naples slowly started to grow into a big city. People started to recognize it as a winter resort. By 1889, Naples had houses, hotels, post offices, general stores and real estate offices. A half-dozen cottages were built near the beach for the tourists. Naples remained as a remote retreat for the next 30 years. The Kentuckian families returned for fishing and hunting.

In 1911, Barron G. Collier bought over a million acres of land which included Naples. Roads and rails were brought in 1920s. The first passenger train - The Orange Blossom Special was introduced in 1927. In 1923, the state legislature created Collier County. In 1926, the paved highway Tamiami Trail was opened which links the two largest cities - Tampa and Miami. Today, Naples attracts many tourists to enjoy fishing, hunting, boating and beach combing. Many celebrities like Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone, and Gary Cooper started visiting Napes for vacation. The real estate prices too started to rise drastically.

Slowly, developments started to take shape in the city. Naples was provided with electricity, rail and road service. In 1943, the first oil well was drilled. The industry boom started in 1950s. There was a huge rise in the population between 1950s and 1980s. The population almost tripled in these years. There was a great prosperity in the economy of Naples. This made Naples the fastest growing city in Collier County. 

About Naples, Florida

Naples is one of the fastest growing areas in the United States. The main support of its economy is tourism, agriculture and real estate. Naples is also an excellent travel destination. One can enjoy golden beaches, water sports like fishing and boating etc. The main features of Naples are its beaches, wildlife, flora and fauna. The main place to visit is 'Tin City' on the river in 'Downtown Naples' where one can find a large collection of shops offering variety of clothes, antiques, jewelry and art. Other than this, the main tourist attractions in Naples are - Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens, where you can enjoy variety of animals from alligators to zebras. Naples Pier, to see the beautiful beaches of Gulf Coast. Everglades tours, which offer variety of tour packages to everglades.

Fishing is the main activity in Naples. One can find plenty of marines and shops for boat rentals. There are some places here, where you fishing is possible even without a boat. 'Naples City Pier' is the spot where one can do fishing without license. It is amazing to watch dolphins and beautiful sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico. One will definitely enjoy fishing here.

Naples has plenty of shopping districts. 5th Avenue south is a great shopping district in Naples. There are many stores, cafes, hotels and shops that cater to the needs of the locals as well as tourists. Nearby is the 3rd street south, which has a collection of some 100 cloth stores, galleries, and restaurants etc that attract the visitors. Not just this, the city of Naples has plenty of shopping malls which house clothing stores, leather wear stores, housewares, retail and fashionable. 

The best food to enjoy in the city of Naples is the seafood. H.B.'s on the Gulf is the only beachfront restaurant which serves regional seafood and many specials for lunch and dinner. The other famous restaurants to dine are - McCabe's Irish Pub & Grill, Shula's Steak House, Cafe and Bar Lurcat, Tommy Bahmans, Mel's Diner - Naples etc. There are some Beach bars where one can enjoy the perfect complement of wine and spirits.

Naples enjoys great prosperity, luxury and lifestyle. It is filled with luxurious villas, where one can enjoy the Naples lifestyle. The golden beaches, shopping, fine dining and grand architecture etc make this city really special. There are many historical museums in Naples that keep date with the rich history of this city. These museums preserve the history and heritage of their community.

About Collier County, Florida

Naples is the official seat of Collier County. Naples is designated as principal city of Florida's Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). The other cities and towns in Collier County are - Ave Maria, East Naples, Everglades city, Golden Gate, Immokalee, Ochopee and Palm River Estates. Collier County is situated in Southern part of Florida. It is surrounded by Hendry County to the north, Broward County to the east, Monroe County to the south and Lee County to the northwest. Collier County was created from Lee County. It is the largest county in Florida State.

The county was created in 1923. It was named after Barron Collier. He was a real estate developer. He had bought a million acres of land in Florida including Naples. Slowly, developments started in that area and in 1923 the state legislature created the Collier County. It is spread over an area of 2,305 square miles. The average density of the county is 124 people per square mile. Collier County is protected by Big Cypress National Preserve and Everglades National Park.

It is the only county in Naples - Macro Island Metropolitan Statistical Area. The major highways across the County are - State Road 29, State Road 84 and State Road 951. There are plenty of schools in this county that provide quality education. These schools are operated by District School Board of Collier County. Many public libraries are located throughout the county. Naples regional library is a collection of historic and genealogical records.

There are many parks and recreation centers in the city that catch the eye of the visitors. One can enjoy activities like boating, swimming and sun bathing etc. Many interactive features are there which includes water dumping buckets, water pistols, tadpole pool, family pool, turtle cove, lap/diving pool, Sunny's River and many more at Sun-N-Fun Lagoon. The recreation department of the county has achieved accreditation by the Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA). The parks in the county pass all the standards with a perfect score.

The museums in the County are fascinating and among the best in the state. They are perfect for a day out for the entire family. The Museums in the county exhibit the culture of the people, places and events which are part of the county's history. Each and every museum in the county is unique and provides a different glimpse of their history, sun-warmed beaches, ancient cypress forests and the grasslands of Florida Everglades.