Deltona, Florida

Deltona is a city located in the state of Florida. It is the 29th largest city in the state and its land is mostly used for residential purposes with 75% already built upon. The city does not offer much commercial industries of its own but is fed by the shopping and entertainment industry of the surrounding regions. It is considered a major city in the Fun Coast region of Florida.

Enjoying a humid sub-tropical climate the city offers cool winters while the summers do tend to get hot. The flora and fauna found in the city is definitely a cut above ordinary with the parks and green belts adding to this charm. The city is also among the most environmentally friendly cities that one can find in the county. The city also offers sports arenas and some wonderful buildings to enjoy. The lovely birds chirping and the lush open green grounds of the city make for a perfect scenario irrespective of the fact that you may either be a visitor or a local.

Deltona is an attractive city for both local residents as well as tourists. There are intriquing options in entertainment, education, affordable living and many other benefits the city offers its residents. People of any age or any profession will surely find the city exciting and vivacious to their own liking.

Deltona History

The city was settled in April 1923 but it was not till December 31st 1995 that the city was officially incorporated. It was the nomadic Timucuans who first discovered this region and they found that not only did it have fresh water to offer but the area was also full of fish. In 1845, when Florida was declared a state this region began to see a lot of steamboat traffic. It was now that the first settlers of the city came here. George Sauls, his wife and their six children were the first to set up home here. Sadly their home burnt down in 1970.

In 1962 the Mackle Brothers came to this region and bought about 17,203 acres of land here. They laid out the plan for this region and began development. It was in April 1963 that the first inhabitants of this planned city took up house. By the end of this year, the city had a population of 180 people and a total of 78 families living here. Interestingly the growth of the city was very rapid in the coming years with almost 130 new families pouring into the area every month. In 1970, 4,868 inhabitants occupied the region while in 1980 Deltona's population had grown to 15,710. By the year 1991 there were 52,000 people living in the city.

It was in September of 1995 that the residents of the city finally won and the city was incorporated. The people of the Deltona had tried to get the place incorporated twice before in 1987 and 1990 but had failed to win both the times. The incorporation meant that the Deltona Fire district had to be dissolved in order to shape the new city. It was the following year that Deltona elected its first city manager named Harold Emrich. James "Skip" Fowler was the first attorney of the city.

After two years of very tough negotiations, Deltona finally managed to purchase the Deltona Water and Wastewater System from Florida Water Services and thus established its own public utility in 2003 on November 7th. The deal included that 32 of the Florida Water Services' employees to be hired and also all acquisition of all Florida Water Services assets were to be given to the Deltona system.

About Deltona, Florida

Playing county seat to Volusia County, Deltona is located in the central region of Florida. The city is the principle city in the Deltona-Daytona Beach-Ormond Beach metropolitan area and is also the suburb in the Greater Orlando metropolitan area. The city's motto is 'I am proud to be a part of it' and it also has its own seal and flag.

Covering an area of 41.1 sq mi. Delton city itself is located about 25 miles away from Daytona Beach and Orlando. Most of the land in the city is of krast topography and this makes for some lovely views in the city. According to the 2010 census there were 85,182 people living in the city of which 57.92% were White, 20.00% were African Americans, 0.35% were Native Americans, 0.93% were Asians and 0.05% were Pacific Islanders. The median income of a household here is $46,078.

Deltona operates under a Commission- Manager form of government where there are seven elected officials and also an appointed city manager. The elected representatives serve for four year and have a limit of 2 successive four year terms after which they need to step down once. The city offers a decent educational setup with 8 elementary schools, 3 middle schools and 2 high schools. All of these operate under the Volusia County District School Board. The Deltona High School was the first school of their region.

When it comes to parks and recreation the city offers a wide choice. There are 18 parks that are controlled by the Deltona and Tom Hoffman Park, Campbell Park and the Lake Monroe Boat Ramp a few of them. The butterfly garden of the Tom Hoffman Park is a must see and offers some very unique varieties of these insects. The Florida Scrub Jay is the official bird of the city and one can spot it easy in the green belts of the area.

The Deltona City Hall is an often visited tourist site while there are few other buildings in the city that deserve a look too. The city also offers several festivals like 1st Annual Holiday Parade that attracts quite a large crowd. "Spooktacular" is an annual Halloween event that is organized in the city that thousands of people take part in. Skating competitions and Safety day are other important days on the calendar of this lovely city, giving reasons for visiting this city for people with every taste.

About Volusia County, Florida

Located in the state of Florida is the Volusia County and Deltona is the most populous city of this county. It is the 103rd most populated county in USA and co-exists with the Deltona-Daytona Beach-Ormond Beach-New Smyrna Beach, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area. The county is named after the Volusia, which was the largest community in this region.

The county occupies an area of 432.844 square miles and according to the 2010 census had population of 494,593. The population comprised of 86.11% Whites, 9.29% African Americans, 0.31% Native Americans, 1.00% Asians and 0.04% Pacific Islanders. The median income of a household in the county was said to be $35,219. The manufacturing industry forms the core of the county's economy with health care also playing a significant role.

The county has the Flagler County on its north, while on the south lies Brevard County. The northwest had Lake County while the northwest had Putnam County. The county is full of parks of which the Blue String Park, Bulow Creek State Park, Tiger Bay State Forest and Tomoka State Park deserve special attention. The Halifax River, the Tomoka River, Lake George and Lake Monroe are the important water bodies of this county.

There are 16 incorporated cities and towns in Volusia County. DeBary, DeLand, Holly Hill, Lake Helen are some of the cities of this county. Apart from several schools the county also hosts many colleges. The Daytona State College, Keiser University, Palmer College of Chiropractic and the Stetson University are some important colleges in the county.

The county also has several historically important places of which the Abbey in Daytona Beach is one. Chief Master at Arm House, City Island, DeBary hall, DeLand Hall, Dix House and El Real Retiro are a few more important historical places in the county.