Vermont, the second least populated state as per the Census of 2010 is located in the New England region of United States. Vermont originally joined United States of America as the 14th State on 4th March 1791 and before this it was a Sovereign State. Vermont has the distinction of being the pioneer in abolishing Slavery in United States. Montpelier is the capital city of Vermont State and Burlington is its most populated city. 

This state is known as a Landlocked State because of the absence of any water body. Vermont is also known for its large production of Maple syrup. The state had a population of 630,337 as per the 2010 census.

State Nickname

The nickname of the Vermont State is “The Green Mountain State”. It is believed that the French Explorer by name Samuel De Champlain named it as “Montagnes Vertes”, which means “Green Mountains”. It is also said that this nickname has been given by the clergyman, Rev. Dr. Peters.

Climate Summary

Also known as the “Four Seasons State”, Vermont has mild summers and cold winters with moderate rainfall during all seasons. Floods are quite common during the beginning of April month and this period is also known as “Mud season” which makes it tough to travel.

State Tax Situation

Vermont levies a personal income tax in 5 different tax brackets that ranges from 3.6 to 9.5 percent. This State levies a sales tax at 6 %. Property tax is not assessed and the inheritance tax is not levied on the individuals in the state of Vermont.

Government Summary

The Government duties are divided into 3 branches namely, the Legislative (General Assembly), the Executive (Governor) and the Judiciary ( Supreme Court). The General Assembly and Governorship have 2 year terms. A representative along with two Senators federally represents the Vermont State in the United States Congress. 

State Seal

The great seal of Vermont which was originally designed by Ira Allen was accepted by General Assembly in 1779. The flag comprises of pine tree in the forest, a cow on the left side which signifies the history of dairy farming in this State. The name of the state and motto appear at the bottom.

Motto & Description

The Vermont State motto is 'Freedom & Unity' was first used in the seal of the Vermont Republic. The idea behind this motto is to balance the freedom of an individual and also to ensure that the whole community functions with unity for a common good cause.

State Flag

The current state flag has been adopted by the General Assembly on 1923. The flag consists of a field of azure on which it has the motto and the state's coat of arms. Cow and wheat sheaves represent dairy farming and agriculture whereas the deer's head represent wildlife.

State Bird

In the year 1941, the General Assembly adopted the “Hermit Thrush” as the state bird officially. The reason for adopting this bird is because it was found in all the counties of the Vermont State and also because of its sweet call which is quite distinctive. 

State Flower

The Red Clover was officially admitted as the “Vermont State Flower” in the year 1894. Red Clover is scientifically known as Trifolium pratense. It is not of the local origin but is found abundantly on road sides and across hay fields in the state of Vermont. 

State Animal

In the year 1961, the Morgan Horse was designated as the “Vermont State Animal”. Justin Morgan of Randolph had bred a rugged stallion which is the forebear of all the Morgan Horse. The breed of is pretty famous for its versatility. The Morgan Horse is the among the oldest horse breeds in the country.

State Song And Description

“These Green Mountains” was admitted as the state song of Vermont State on May 22, 2000. This song replaced the old state song “Hail to Vermont”. Diane Martin composed this song and Rita Buglass Gluck wrote the lyrics. This state song personifies the true spirit of the beautiful state in its full glory. 

State Colors

The state color of the Vermont State is Dark Blue. Even though this is not officially designated through legislative action, it is more so through customs and traditions. The Dark Blue color indicates the vibrant spirit of the Vermont State. The color also appears in the state flag.