South Dakota

The State of South Dakota was admitted into the Union on November 1889 with Pierre, the largest city in the State as its capital. It is located in the Midwestern region of United States. The state is basically divided into two by Missouri river, West River and East River. The population of the State is estimated around 800,000.

A majority of this population is dominated by non-Hispanic Whites. The State has a rich history that dates back to as early as 5000 BC when the first inhabitants started living here. Roman Catholics rule the religion in this state. The per capita income of the state is around $38,865. 

State Nickname

As is the case with other states in the United States, South Dakota also has a distinct nickname “Mount Rushmore State”. Apart from this, the State also has many other nick names such as Blizzard State, Artesian State etc. However, the official nick name of South Dakota remains the “Mount Rushmore State”.

Climate Summary

The state of South Dakota enjoys continental climate throughout the year. The winters experience freezing temperatures with an average being 10 °F. The summers here are hotter at around 90 °F at daytime and the temperature drops down considerably during the night. The state also experiences tornadoes occasionally.  

State Tax Situation 

South Dakota State is known for its lenient tax policy. The state charges meager taxes in terms of sales tax which is 4%. Interestingly, this state doesn’t impose inheritance, income tax or even tax on personal property. It is a greater relief for the citizens as the tax burden is much lesser compared to other states. 

Government Summary

Constitution of South Dakota is the highest law in this state. As is the case with other states in USA, the Federal Government is divided into 3 branches, Judicial, executive and legislative. The Judicial branch is headed by the Supreme Court. Executive branch is headed by the Governor whereas House of Representatives and the Senate head the State Legislature. 

State Seal

The great seal of South Dakota was adopted in the year 1889 when the state was admitted into the union. The year 1889 is also depicted at the bottom of the seal. The State Motto “Under God the People Rule” is depicted in the inner circle of the seal. 

Motto & Description 

As per the great seal of the State of South Dakota, the motto of the state is “Under God the People Rule”. The State motto was adopted in the year 1885 although it took another four years for the state to get admitted into the union.

State Flag

The state of South Dakota didn’t have official flag until 1963. It has the State seal at the center and the nick name around it. The color of the flag is blue. The flag was designed by Will Robinson. The flag was originally designed by his father but presented by Will Robinson at the time of admission.

State Bird

Chinese ring necked pheasant is the state bird of the South Dakota State. The bird has a distinction of being one of the three state birds in the United States whose species is not a native of this nation. The bird size varies between 60 and 90 centimeters. 

State Flower

American Pasque is chosen as the State flower by the people of South Dakota. Its blooming is known as the start of the spring season in the state of South Dakota. It is the main reason why this flower is also known as “May Day Flower”.

State Animal

The citizens of South Dakota have chosen coyote as the state animal. It was adopted as the state animal in the year 1949. Coyote is commonly noticed in huge numbers in the black hills. It is also popularly known as Prairie wolf. 

State Song And Description

The official song of South Dakota State is “Hail, South Dakota”. This song was composed and written by DeeCort Hammitt. The song was admitted as the state song of South Dakota in the year 1943, after chosen in a popularity vote. 

State Colors 

Like many states in the United States, South Dakota is also known for its vibrant colors. The state of South Dakota comprises of two colors, blue and gold. These two colors are found in the State flag of South Dakota too.