New Mexico

The State of New Mexico is one of the mountain states occupying the southwest and western regions of United States. New Mexico spans over an area of 121,589 square miles and is the fifth largest state in terms of area. It is a state with rich history and culture, mainly derived from the various Native American tribes along with the Mexicans and Spaniards who have inhabited the region since a long time. 

New Mexico is surrounded by Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah and Arizona along with the two Mexican states of Chihuahua and Sonora and has a population of about 2,059,179 according to 2010 census. 

State Nickname

Like any other US state, New Mexico also has its own nicknames.  The scenic beauty along with its rich history makes New Mexico the Land of enchantment, which happens to be the official state nickname as well. It is also known by various other nicknames like the ‘Spanish State’, ‘Cactus State’, ‘Land of Opportunity’ and the’ Land of Heart’s Desire’.

State Climate Summary

New Mexico is considered to be one of the mountain states of the United States and it is covered by high plains, deserts and mountains. Generally the climate of New Mexico ranges from arid to semi-arid with patches of continental and alpine climate as well with the average temperature varying between 100F to 40F with 13.9 inches of precipitation per year depending upon the location and season. 

State Tax Situation

The personal income tax falls under four brackets and it ranges between 1.7 percent and 4.9 percent in the State of New Mexico.  According to a state law in effect since 2007, salaries during active military duty are exempted from income tax. There is also Gross Receipt Tax similar to sales tax but applicable to both tangible goods as well as services. It also has property tax laws as well. 

State Government Summary

The Government of the State of New Mexico is formed according to the Constitution of 1912 and the state is governed by the Governor whose term extends for a period of 4 years and assisted by other elected representatives. Governor can seek reelection for one more term. State legislature is comprised of a 70 seat house of representatives and senate with 42 seats.

State Seal

The Great Seal of the State of New Mexico was adapted as the official seal of the State of New Mexico in 1913. The seal has a Mexican eagle with cactus in the talons holding a serpent in its beak which is shielded by an American bald eagle with outspread wings and arrows grasped in its talons.

Motto and Description

Crescit eundo is the motto of the State of New Mexico which in Latin means ‘It grows as it goes’ in context of an epic poem De Rerum Natura by Lucretius in 1st century BC. The motto is a symbol of dynamic progress and was first used in 1882 which was later on appointed as the state seal in 1912.

State Flag

The state flag of New Mexico designed by Dr. Harry P. Mera and been in use since 1925 has a Symbol of a red sun of Zia over a yellow background in honor of Isabella I of Castile, her heirs and conquistadors. Symbol of sun symbolizes the binding of four winds, four directions, four seasons and four sacred obligations which are a part of the Circle of Life together.

State Bird

The state bird of New Mexico is the Greater Roadrunner (Geococcyx californianus) which as adapted officially under the name of Chaparral Bird which is known as El Correcaminos in Spanish. The Roadrunner prefers to run rather than fly and can reach up to the speeds of 15 miles per hour.

State flower

Yucca flower was adapted as the official flower of the State of New Mexico on March 14, 1927 after being approved by the eighth regular session of New Mexico legislature.  There are various species of yucca flower and it was known as ‘our lords candles’ among the early settlers and was abundantly found in the plains and deserts of New Mexico.

State animal

Black bear (Ursus americanus) was adapted as the State animal of New Mexico officially in the year 1963. These black bears also occur in cinnamon, beige and also in slate gray colors. These bears are omnivorous solitary creatures and good swimmers too. Adult bears weigh from 130 to 500 pounds and eat just about anything.

State song

O Fair New Mexico which sings of the heroic deeds of  the people, its beauty  and the love for New Mexico was written by Elizabeth Garrett was officially adapted as the state song of New Mexico in 1917 by an act of New Mexico legislature as  signed by Washington E. Lindsay, then Governor of New Mexico. 

State color

The state color of New Mexico is yellow and red same as that of the colors on the flag with the colors symbolizing the colors of old Spain and in honor of Isabella I of Castile, her heirs and conquistadors who explored in her name. Colors were drawn from the flag of the Cross of Burgandy.