New Hampshire

The State of New Hampshire is located in the northeastern part of the United States, specifically in the region of New England. The state was named after Hampshire, the English county by Captain John Mason. On its south is Massachusetts, on the west is Vermont, on its east is Maine and on the north is Canada, specifically its province of Quebec. The capital of New Hampshire is Concord which is located in Merrimack River area. In terms of land area is ranks 44th and 46th in terms of total area. It has a total area of 9,304 sq miles (24,097 sq km); 9,027 sq miles (23,380 sq km) of land and 277 sq miles (717 sq km) of water.

State Nickname 

The official nickname of New Hampshire is “The Granite State”. The name comes from the rock that is quite common in the state. At one time, one of the major industries of the state is granite quarrying. At that time and for so long it is the major contributor to its economy. 

Climate Summary 

New Hampshire has humid continental climate. It has warm summer and cold and wet winters. The precipitation is the same throughout the year. The winters are cold and wet, most especially in the mountainous pars of the state. This is the same in the northern part of the state. 

State Tax situation 

New Hampshire has not sales tax and state income tax. This is the reason why taxation system in the state is controversial. However, it imposes 8.5% income tax on corporate income.  It also has the usual excise tax on some items, such as fuel, alcohol, tobacco and insurance premium. The interest and dividend income tax is 5%. 963.

Government Summary 

The executive branch of the state is bifurcated, with five executive councils and a governor. The General Court is its legislative branch. The state also follows the Dillon Rule, in which the state has the power when it comes to matters that are not specifically granted to the municipalities. The state’s official parties are the Republican and Democratic parties.

State Seal 

The official State Seal of the State of New Hampshire was adapted in 1776. The state seal has the image of the frigate Raleigh at its center. It was one of the first authorized ships of the US navy. The date is also indicated at the bottom of the seal, along with the words, Seal of the State of New Hampshire.

Motto and Description

The official motto of the State of New Hampshire is Live Free or Die. It was adopted in 1945. The words come from General John Stark, the famous New Hampshire hero of the American Revolutionary War. The motto of the state also appears on the state’s official emblem or seal.

State Flag

The official state Flag of New Hampshire was adopted in 1909. The flag contains the state seal of New Hampshire on its center, on a blue background. The flag was revised only once since that time that it was officially adopted by the state. The change was only to precisely show the seal of the state.

State Bird

The official state bird of the state is the purple finch. It was adopted by vote of legislature in 1957. The purple finch bill was sponsored by Robert Monahan, with the support of the Audubon Society of New Hampshire, State Federation of Women’s Club and the New Hampshire Federation of Garden Clubs. The bill was signed by Gov. Lane Dwinell on April 25 of that year.

State Flower

The official state flower of the State of New Hampshire is the purple lilac, Syringa vulgaris. It was adopted in 1919. The flower was chosen among other flowers in the state because it symbolizes the hardy character of the citizens of New Hampshire. The official state wildflower of New Hampshire is the ink lady’s slipper, Cypripedium acaule.

State Animal

The official state animal of New Hampshire is the white tail deer. The white tail deer is also commonly called the Virginia deer, which is quite common in North America. It was adopted in 1983. The official state insect of the state is the ladybug. The ladybug, also known as ladybird and ladybeetle was adopted in 1977. 

State Song and Description 

The official state song of the state is the State Official and Honorary State Song. The state song is about the state of New Hampshire, the Granite state. It alludes to the lakes, fields, forests, rivers and hills of the state as it was created by God in his love and wisdom. 

State Colors

Based on the state flag of New Hampshire, its state colors are blue and gold. The blue is the background of the flag, while gold is its seal. However, the official website of the state did not have on its list of official symbols, its official color. The list contains all the symbols that were adopted by the state by legislation.