Located in the Northwestern part of United States, Idaho was added to the Union on July 3, 1890. It was the 43rd state to be incorporated to the Union. A state that is mostly mountainous, Idaho is the 14th largest by land area. The state is a landlocked state and is surrounded by  Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Washington, Montana and the Canadian province of British Columbia.  However it is connected to the sea with the numerous dams and locks on the Columbian River. 

The state has a rich deposit of a large number of gems and it is said that all kinds of gems can be found here. It is one of the two places where star garnets can be found. The origin of the name of the state of Idaho is a mystery. It is said that the weird lobbyist George M. Willing suggested this name claiming that it meant “the sun comes from the mountains” or “gem of the mountains” in the Shoshone language. Later he admitted that he made up the name himself.

State Nickname

The nickname of the state is the “Potato State” and the “Gem State”. The name of gem state has been given to the state because almost all the gems of the world have been found in the state including the star garnet that is found only in one another area, the Himalayas. 

Climate Summary

The climate of Idaho is significantly influenced by the Pacific Ocean even though the state is landlocked and slightly away from the sea. The ocean makes winters cloudier than they would be at this latitude. The cloud cover however, makes the winter less severe. Precipitation patterns are reversed in the southeastern part of the state.

State Tax Situation 

Idaho charges a personal income tax that ranges from 1.6 percent to 7.8 percent and this is levied in 8 different income brackets. The state allows Idahoans to claim tax rebates for taxes paid in other states and donations to the state educational institutes as well. The sales tax in the state is at 6 percent and some industries need to pay 6.5 percent. 

Government Summary

The Idaho government is also modeled on the basis of the federal government. The laws of the state are defined in the Idaho Code and the code can be amended by the legislature after approval by the Governor, the head of the executive. The judicial branch consists of the supreme court, the appellate courts and the court of appeals. 

State Seal

Idaho is the only state that has a seal that has been designed by a woman. The seal also appears on the state flag and includes a painting that was created by Emma Edwards Green. The seal contains images that show women suffrage, mining and agriculture as an industry and the motto of the state as well.

Motto & Description 

The official state motto of Idaho is “Esto perpetua”, a latin word that means “Let it be perpetual” or “Let I never end”. The motto is mentioned on the state flag and the seal and was adopted from the seal directly. The motto is meant to indicate the perpetual abundance of the state.

State Flag

The Idaho state flag has a blue background that is bordered on three sides with a band of golden yellow. The state seal is displayed in the center and the words “State of Idaho” appear in a ribbon at the bottom of the seal. These are meant to be embroidered.

State Bird

The pretty mountain bluebird is the state bird of Idaho. The 21st session of the legislature passed the act that made the bluebird as the official bird. Its bird is said to be found in the Rocky mountain region at an elevation of 800 to 11,000 feet. The species is more likely to be found in the higher altitudes though.

State Flower

The official state flower of Idaho is the Syringa or the Philadelphus lewisii. It was officially adopted in 1931. The shrub has clusters of white flowers that give out a pleasant fragrance and the blossoms of the plant are similar to mock orange. The flowers have 4 petals and grow at the end of leafy stems.

State Animal

The appaloosa is the official animal of the state of Idaho and it was designated to be the official animal of the state in 1975. The magnificent animal has a characteristic colorful spotted coat and striped hooves.  The state animal is also a part of the custom license plate that has the animal embossed on it.

State Song And Description

“Here we have Idaho” is the state song and it was written by McKinley Helm and Albert J Tompkins. The song has been composed by Sallie Hume-Douglas. It talks about the natural beauty of the mountains, streams and valleys of the state and the pride that the people of the state feel.

State Colors 

There are no official state colors adopted by Idaho. However, there are some people that feel that the blue, gold and red that are part of the flag of the state of Idaho are the official colors of the state. Some others claim that the official color of the state is yellow.