Located in the southern region of the United States, the name of the state has been given by the Quapaw Indians. There are 6 other states that adjoin Arkansas and include Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma. The eastern border of the state is defined by the Mississippi river. 

The state has a geography that is extremely diverse and ranges from mountainous regions to lowlands closer to the river. The capital of the state and also the most populous city is Little Rock. The estimated population of the state is around 2.8 million and more than three quarters of the population is white.

State Nickname

The official nickname of the state of Arkansas is “The Natural State”. This is because the state is known for its natural beauty, crystal clear lakes, streams and mountains and a plethora of natural flora and fauna that many tourists come to see. There is therefore no doubt that the state is called the natural state by choice. 

Climate Summary

Arkansas is said to have a climate that is humid and subtropical in nature. In some parts in the northern highland area, the climate can be classified as humid continental. Even though it is not extremely close to the Gulf of Mexico, this large water body influences the climate of the state significantly.

State Tax Situation 

The income tax levied by the state is organized into 6 brackets and taxes range from 1 percent to 7 percent. Retirees in the state do not have to pay income tax on social security or on the first $6000 of the pension. The sales tax of the state is at 6 percent and there are more than 3000 local taxes that the state government also levies. 

Government Summary

Just as most of the states in United States, Arkansas also has a government that has three branches – executive, judiciary and legislative. The state has a quota of 4 seats in the Federal House of Representatives. The head of the executive is the Governor. The state tends to have an inclination towards the Republicans.

State Seal

The state seal of Arkansas is supposed to stand for the authority and sovereignty of the state. The seal was adopted in 1864 and modified to the current form in 1907. The inner part of the state seal depicts the Angel of Mercy, the Sword of Justice and the Goddess of Liberty. 

Motto & Description 

The “People Rule” is the state motto of Arkansas.  In Latin it reads as Regnaut Populus. The motto of the state is incorporated in the state seal but it is not known how the motto really started being used as part of the seal. The motto depicts the power of the people that the state gives its people.

State Flag

Interestingly, the state flag was a design that was chosen in a competition in 1913. The winner of the competition and therefore the designer for the flag is Miss Willie Kavanaugh Hocker from Wabbaseka. The final design of the flag was completed with all the details in 1926. The flag has a red background with a blue bordered diamond that contained stars in the outline and 4 stars in the center. 

State Bird

The mocking bird is considered to be the state bird of Arkansas. This was recognized and made official in 1929. The mocking bird is said to have great singing ability and they can sing about 200 songs including sounds from other insects and birds too. The bird is also considered to be the state bird of other states in the country.

State Flower

The apple blossom is the official flower of Arkansas. This was adopted by the General Assembly in 1901. Apple blossoms are pink and white in color and were chosen because Arkansas was a major apple producing state at one point in time. The annual Arkansas Apple Festival is still held in the state.

State Animal

The Arkansas state mammal is considered to be the white tailed deer. The animal was chosen officially to represent the state in 1993 due to the immense beauty and power that the animal depicts. The animals can run up to 40 miles an hour and jump over fences that are 9 feet high.

State Song And Description

The song “Arkansas, you run deep in me”, is the state song of the state of Arkansas. Since the state is known for its natural beauty, the song applauds the various natural elements of the state and describes the mountains, streams, flora and fauna. It also touches upon how the state becomes a part of your heart.

State Colors 

The state of Arkansas does not have any official state colors. But if one was to look at the seal and the flag of the state, red, white and blue could be considered to be the state colors of Arkansas. And while there is no official state color, many people do consider red as a symbol of the state.