Hiking Red Rock in Las Vegas - Not Your Typical Desert Hike

It rained yesterday around Las Vegas and the temperature was around 72 degrees. I decided to take a hike in the Red Rock area. It was beautiful. The desert acts different when it rains.

Normally the desert is dry, hot, and prickly. Instead, it was inviting and the flora aroma was intoxicating. The air was sweet and very fresh. I could sense the life of the plants in their vibrant greens against the red back drop. There was a sign of relief after many days of scorching sun.

Water pooled in places including sections of trail. The drainages had running water. There was plenty of evidence that torrents could very possibly rush out in flash flood style. I definitely kept my distance from the creek bed. 

The hike was a great trek. One of my favorite while in Las Vegas.

This article was published by Darren Hildreth.

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